Frequently Asked Questions


I am an adult over 18 years old. Do I still need an instruction permit?

Yes, you will need to obtain an instruction permit, regardless of age.

Are Passengers Allowed to come during my Driving Lessons?

Unfortunetely, our insurance prohibits any passengers that are not students in the car while teaching is being conducted. With teenager courses, a passenger is allowed to observe to recieve their state mandated, observation hours.

What do I need to bring with me for my driving classes?

You will need an instruction permit and a form of Identification like a passport or State ID You can also use a Vaild Illinois Drivers License, an Out of State Drivers License, or a Foreign Drivers License with a passport stamped no later than 90 from the date of last entry into the country.

What are your pick up/Drop Off Radius?

Pick Up and Drop Off is all northside of the City of Chicago, including Downtown, Pilsen, and Little Village. Suburbs: Evanston, Skokie, Morton Grove, Park Ridge, Niles, Desplaines, Elmwood Park, Norridge and Rosemont

What is your refund policy?

All our packages will not be refunded if we are willing and capable of performing the services paid for. No refunds will be allowed after 3 months from date of deposit.

I want to take a road test, what are my options?

If this is your first time enrolling with Entourage Driving School and require to take a road test, it is company policy to have a little road test practice session right before the exam. This will always be administered at 5:00 AM until 10:00 AM Monday through Friday. There is free pick up if within our service area, but if the test goes beyond 9:30 AM, there may not be time to drop off the student due to the next appointment. If time goes beyond 10:00 AM, no additional charge will be added.

Can my Instructor Refuse a Road Test?

Yes. If the instructor does not feel safe with the student, they will refuse the road test and convert it into a 90 minute session with a penalty of $100 total price for the time allotted.

I must cancel my classes, how does this work?

Please let the driving school know as soon as possible. Please cancel with 24 hours ahead of time or there will be a $45 penalty for the next reschedule. Teenager Programs have to abide by certain rules stated in their contracts when first enrolled in the school.

How long will my instructor wait for my pick up service until it is considered a cancelled class?

The instructor will attempt to call you, text you, and/or leave a voicemail when on arrival. The instructor will wait 10 minutes outside. If the student does not attempt to call or text the instructor/driving school within those 10 minutes, the instructor will leave. The next time the student reschedules, there will be a penalty of $20 for the cancelled class. If the student does respond within the first 10 minutes, but does not show up after 15 minutes of the allotted appointment time, the instructor might cancel the lesson.

What is the Six Hour Adult Certification Course?

This course is only for 18 to 20 year olds who have not taken Drivers Education. Once the student has passed the proper final exam, they will obtain their certification.

How long are the driving lessons?

Driving lessons are 90 minutes. Please do not ask for only one hour.

I am a first time adult driver, how many classes do I need?

First time drivers will need multiple hours. These hours depend on multiple factors such as anxiety or how quickly someone can learn. On top of our services, we highly recommend to practice with a friend or familiy member to save both time and money. Most adults will need a bare minimum of 12 hours to 18 hours. There are some exceptions where some adults learned in under 12 and there are many instances where adults needed more than 18 hours. The Illinois Secretary State examiners recommends an adult to drive at least 60 hours.

What are your driving times?

We teach all 7 days. Check online for your availability.

My Instructor is late. What happens?

Entourage Driving School instructors try to arrive at the appointed time, but sometimes due to the unpredictability of Chicago traffic, road closures, or weather conditions, the instructor might arrive late. In the event this happens, the instructor is required to call the student and inform them they are running late. Whenever the instructor is late, the instructor will add make-up time for the lesson. In the event the student is running late, additional time will not be added to the lesson.

Am I able to take the road test with no practice?

We had a few students do some dangerous maneuvers during their road test, so now we ask people to take the road test practice before the road exam. The only people who do not need road test practice are those with an expired Illinois License or out of State License (No foreign Drivers License)

I am undocumented with no status and no social security number. Am I still able to obtain a license?

Yes, you can recieve a license called a TVDL or Temporary Visitors Drivers License. You will need the required documents and proper tests to obtain the license. You do not need an appointment for this service unless you go to the Chicago North or Chicago West Facilities.

Under what conditions can an instructor cancel a lesson?

The instructor/company has the right to reschedule lessons if there is a vehicle breakdown or the instructor or student has a severe illness like the flu that can easily spread to other people around. The instructor/company also has the right to cancel if weather conditons are too severe for the driving lesson. This would be like snow over 1.5 inches, ice roads, icy rain, heavy fog, or extremely cold temperatures, and extreme heat waves. No charge will be added for a reschedule, even if it is last minute.

I think the prices are too high, can I ask for a discount?

Our prices offered at Entourage Driving School are highly competitive with other driving schools around the Chicagoland Area. Price is not negotiable.

What are your forms of Payment?

In order to keep our prices low, cash is highly recommended. We do accept Check, and Money Orders and Zelle as well.


How old does my teen have to be to get a license.

16 Years Old. They can obtain a permit at 15, but have to wait until 16 to take their road test.

How does my teen obtain a driver's license?

By Law, a teenager can take a driver's education course at the age of 15. They are required to be 16 to get their license. The minimim requirements to getting a license is: 1. Complete 30 Hours of Classroom 2. Complete 6 Hours of Driving and 6 of Observation or 8 Hours of Private Driving 3. Hold Permit for 9 months 4. Drive 50 Hours with a parent or guaridan and 10 hours at Night.

What is the Certificate of Completion?

This is a certificate sent by the Secretary of State that your child's information has been submitted and meets the minimum requirement to take their road test to get a license.

What do I need to enroll my child to a Driver's Education Class?

You will need to check the available start dates and times available. You will need to bring with you: 1. A Illinois State ID, or Passport, or Birth Certificate 2. Proof they passed the last 2 semesters in school (8 classes total)

What does the 6 Hours or 8 Hours of Driving Consist of?

1. Basic Rules of the Road, Pedal Control, Vehicle Control and Hand-Over-Hand 2. Traffic and Left Turn in Intersections 3. Right Turns and Lane Changes 4. Slow Speed Maneuvers like Curb Parking, Hill Parking, 2 and 3 point turns 5. Perpendicula Parking and Parallel Parking 6. Highway driving

Does my child have to do observation hours?

Yes, if the child does not choose private lessons, they will need to do 6 hours of observation. They will also be observed when the student is driving.

My child finished driver's education, but needs to get their driving hours in and a permit. What can I do?

We will help with the permit application given they have proof of a passing grade in driver's education. Once the hours of driving are completed, we will submit all paperwork to the state so the child can obtain the Certificate of Completion.

How many days of Class can a child miss of classroom?

They can only miss 4 days. State law requires to consider a missed day if a student is over 10 minutes tardy.

What does the Basic Teen Course Consist and how much does it cost?

The Basic Teen Course Consists of: 1. 30 Hours of Classroom 2. 6 Hours of Driving and 6 Hours of Observation Total Cost: $375

Is there any partial payments?

We did offer partial payments in the past, but some students have not finished paying the full portion and they did not recieve the certificate of completion. After 9 months, they are required to retake the classroom and behind the wheel portions again in order to submit the certificate of completion.

What is the Private Teen Course and how much is it?

The Private Teen Course consists of: 1. 30 Hours of Classroom 2. 8 Hours of Private Driving 3. No Observation Required

How Long is the Behind-the-Wheel portion for the Teen Basic Driving Lessons?

Total Driving Time is 1 Hour per day. Total Observation Time is 1 Hours per day. Total Time in vehicle: 2 Hours

How Long is the Behind-the-wheel portion for the Teen Private Driving?

The first 4 lessons are 90 minutes and the final lesson is 2 Hours.

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