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Teen Terms & Conditions


Your enrollment in Entourage Driving School constitutes your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY. This document shall constitute the entire contract between Entourage Driving School and the student and no verbal assurances or promises not contained herein shall bind Entourage Driving School or the student. All disputes should be directed to the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State.


Parents bear the responsibility for the timely drop off and pick up of students for class and In-Vehicle lessons at the pickup and drop-off locations designated with the school. Entourage Driving School instructors are not responsible for staying with students before or after class or In-Vehicle lessons. Students are not permitted to remain in the classroom after class without instructor supervision. On occasion, Entourage Driving School will use photos, videos and other digital media of students and classes in publications, on our website and on social media in order to promote our programs and initiatives. *Vehicles are equipped with dash-cams for the safety of the student and instructor thereof as well as security cameras in and out of the main office/classroom at our main school. By enrolling, you consent to be filmed for legal purposes if one were to arise. By acknowledging these Terms & Conditions, you authorize Entourage Driving School to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute these photos or videos for such lawful purposes.


CLASSROOM TRAINING: The Secretary of State requires:


1. A student must be 15 years old by the last class session to enroll in a class.


2. A student must complete 30 hours of classroom training.


3. A student may miss a maximum of four (4) days of classroom instruction and ALL missed classes must be made up. Please call the main office at 773-481-7455 as soon as possible to register for all makeup classes. If a student misses more than four classroom days the student is considered “dropped” and must re-enroll, retake the entire course and pay a reinstatement fee of $200. Being late by 15 minutes of class is considered an absence for the class day. Any deviation from the original class dates or times is considered a missed class.


4. A minimum grade of 75% on the final exam held during the last class is required to satisfactorily pass the Classroom Training. Students not achieving this grade after 2 attempts must repeat the classroom training and pay a $200 reinstatement fee. For a B, you need a grade of 80% or more.


5. Classroom rules are discussed on the first day of class. Parents will be notified the first time a student fails to follow these rules. Subsequent violations may lead to expulsion, which will result in forfeiture of all amounts paid to date and cancellation of the student’s learner’s permit.


6. All courses enrolled for at Entourage Driving School must be completed within 9 months FROM THE DAY OF THE FIRST CLASSROOM DATE or there will be a re-enrollment fee of $390. It the student and parents’ responsibility to make time for these lessons as it is not the instructors job to keep pursuing their student. You MUST make time for these driving hours. The earlier the appointment is made, the earlier the student drives. It is best not to wait 9 months to barely start as there might not be any spots to accommodate the student. 



The Entourage Driving School classroom instructor will issue a Permit Application on Day 2 of class. Appointments must be made at the Illinois Secretary of State at Appointments go live at 7:00 AM and must be scheduled under “License and ID Card Services”. Students may schedule In-Vehicle lessons on or after their first scheduled class session once they have their learner’s permit. Lessons are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. All lessons can be scheduled on the online booking system under “Teen 90 Minute Laboratory”. Once the student finish their laboratory hours, they are free to schedule additional driving lessons at $90 per 90-minute lesson.


1. 72-hour (3 Days) notice is required to reschedule or cancel an In-Vehicle lesson. A $75 rescheduling fee will be charged if we do not receive appropriate notice or there is excessive rescheduling. Due to scarce availability, if a student cancels a class or fails to show up without informing us (i.e. oversleeps, forgets to write it down, etc.), the company reserves the right to charge them the fee for that missed class. If a student is not present after 10 minutes from the scheduled start time, this constitutes a “no show. According to Illinois state law, all students MUST possess their ORIGINAL Illinois Instruction Permit for all In-Vehicle lessons while lessons are being conducted. A copy or image of the permit is not acceptable. Students arriving for an In-Vehicle lesson without their permit will have their lesson cancelled and will be assessed a rescheduling fee.


2. All In-Vehicle training are based on an online booking system. Bookings are supposed to be placed 16 hours before the appointment as bookings close 16 hours before the driving lesson begins. Please schedule classes ahead of time. Please note that there may not be many openings, but more openings will go live near Federal Holidays, Spring Break, Summer Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Christmas Break, so please book ahead of time for the best possible times and schedule. You are always welcome to keep checking the Calendar in case someone cancels an appointment. The instructor is not able to change or alter any email or home addresses that are already in the system.

To cancel an appointment or alter it, they will need to email or call 773-481-7455 to reschedule. It is best to do it through email. Please make sure that you can make the selected time and date before booking a Driving Lesson.


3. Unless designated otherwise, all In-Vehicle training starts and ends at the Main office at Entourage Driving School, located at 5245 N. Elston Ave, Chicago IL 60630.


4. Please allow an extra 20 minutes for the instructor to arrive due to the unpredictability of traffic.


5. Please be aware we may cancel if distance is too far or there is heavy traffic between classes or there is a severe thunderstorm/flooding or icy/slick roads or temperature conditions are too dangerous to drive. Please note that we have the right to cancel if a vehicle breaks down or the vehicle used for the lesson for the day is unsafe for driving. Driving Lessons will also be cancelled if the instructor develops any COVID-19 OR flu-like symptoms. No penalty will be charged; however, it is your responsibility to book another lesson as we may not be able to have a replacement for that day. 


6. If required, students must wear their glasses or contacts during In-Vehicle lessons. Students are required to wear closed-toe shoes during driving lessons for safety reasons – no flip flops, high-heels, or “Ugg-type” boots are to be worn. Students will not be permitted to use their cell phones while in vehicle training is in process. For emergency phone calls, all calls should be forwarded to the Entourage Driving School instructor of that lesson. 


7. Please be respectful and courteous to our driving instructor. Do not be demanding or rude as we have a set of skills we will need to teach a student. Our driving classes are designed to teach your student the basic skills required to practice with a parent to fulfill their 50-hour requirement. We try to work at the pace of how much a student has practiced as well as how serious their anxiety or fear may be. We want the student to learn in a safe environment without outside distractions or be in a hostile environment. Once the student meets the required driving lessons, they are welcome to schedule private lessons for $90 per lesson at 90 minutes each. Those lessons will be a lot slower paced to focus on the areas where a child may be deficient. 


8. The Student agrees that if they do something to cause an accident, they will be held liable for the $500 deductible towards the insurance company to repair the vehicle. In the event of an accident, where the Student is at fault, the student agrees to take full responsibility for any damages, cost, or liabilities caused by their actions. This includes Reckless Endangerment or Reckless Driving.



Context: On September 1, 2023 Road Tests appointments were starting to become very difficult to obtain as “In Car Test” appointments were filling up in less than a minute causing a major backlog of people needing to take a road exam. With the summer season of 2024 coming soon where many teenagers go take their road exam, they are expecting a huge volume of problems with the appointment system. A bill was proposed to bring back the Cooperative Driving Test Pilot Program which was in the pilot status during the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic of 2020 also known as COVID-19. The General Assembly of the Illinois Secretary of State passed the bill on November 2023 to allow specifically trained schools and instructors to conduct the Cooperative Driving Test Program permanently. These requirements are much stricter and vigorous than the previous pilot program.




1. Students must have finished Driver’s Education Classroom and their required Driving Hours and obtained the Certificate of Completion (or Formally known as Blue Slip) on their driving record. You can verify this at


2.  Students must have earned an A or B in “Driver’s Education Classroom” or an 80% or higher qualify for the Cooperative Driving Test Program. If the student took the classroom elsewhere, they will need to show proof the letter grade is an A or B or above 80%. A “P” does not constitute this. Most Chicago Public Schools do not post letter grades. A student must request the driving instructor of that school to write a letter with a school letterhead. They have the right to refuse.


3. The student must schedule with us a test at least 2 days’ notice. We will need to create an appointment to inform the Illinois Secretary of State a teen test is happening. A field representative or inspector may come along to make sure tests are being graded appropriately.


4. The student can take the Cooperative Driving Test after they finished their traffic hours and obtained their certificate of completion on their driving record. They can do it long before the end of their 9-month requirement or age requirement. Ages are 15, 16, or 17. Once they are 18, they will need to go to a DMV facility to take a road exam.


5. The student is allowed one attempt only with our school. If the student fails, they will be required to test at the DMV. If a student took the Cooperative Driving Test at a high school or different school, they will be barred to be scheduled for a test with our school.


6. The test will consist of a state approved route. The test will consist of entering the flow of traffic, right and left turns, respecting all lawful signs such as a stop sign, uphill/downhill parking, a turnabout and final park.


7. The student may use a driving school vehicle or their own personal vehicle. A pre-trip inspection must be conducted by taking down the insurance information of that vehicle, checking the turn signals are working, the horn, and brake lights as well as general safety equipment like seat belts and no cracks on the windshield. The Student agrees that they know how to safely handle a vehicle as during the road exam as the examiner cannot interfere during the exam to avoid an accident. If the student does something to cause an accident with an Entourage Driving School vehicle, the student will be held liable for the $500 deductible towards the insurance company to repair the vehicle. In the event of an accident, where the Student is at fault, the student agrees to take full responsibility for any damages, cost, or liabilities caused by their actions. All road tests conducted must be during daylight hours. No night road exams.


8. Please be aware we may cancel if there is a severe thunderstorm/flooding or icy/slick roads or temperature conditions are too dangerous to drive. Tests will be cancelled if the instructor or student develops any COVID-19 OR flu-like symptoms.




1. Upon completing the test, your information and scores will be updated into the Illinois Secretary of State database. You will most likely receive an email confirmation.


2. The student can apply to pick up a driver’s license at the DMV by scheduling online under “Driver and ID Card Services”. The student will need to bring all required documents to obtain a license. They will need: a document with their signature, a document with their date of birth and full legal name, social security card, proof of address, instruction permit and 50-hour log sheet.


3. All Illinois Driver’s License applicants are subject to random facility road tests, even with successful passing of the Cooperative Driving Test for quality control. These are random spot check and pre-determined by the state. Odds are 3/31 or 9.6%. The state picks 3 random days of the month serves as the spot check. These 3 days change every 90 days.


PAYMENT: Full Payment is required upon enrolling with us. Entourage Driving School will not refund any fee, tuition, charge or any part thereof should we be willing and able to fulfill our part of the agreement. Price is not negotiable. There is a 4% fee added to all credit card/debit card transaction.




1. The student hereby agrees to not press charges towards the Company unless it is a form of assault, sexual harassment, and/or battery.


2.The Student reaffirms that they are NOT and WILL NOT falsifying any information about the Company or themselves. The student understands that by doing so would be a violation against the CIVIL LIABILITIES Illinois False Claims Act (740 ILCS 175) in which the Student willfully bares a false record, contract, or statement to a false or fraudulent claim. In the event of this violation, the Company and All Parties misled by the Student reserve the right to press charges against his/her in a Court of Law. By Signing up with this Driving School, you Agree to all the Terms & Conditions listed above. Before entering the vehicle, The Student hereby declares that they have Read and Understood the Terms and Conditions and have not Falsified Any Information.

By Signing up with Entourage Driving School, you agree to all the Terms and Conditions listed above. Before booking an appointment or enrolling for services, the student and parent hereby declares that they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and have not falsified any information.

Please sign the tuition approval form if you agree to all these terms.

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